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Hi, I'm Logan

Name: Logan
Pronouns: He/Him
I am a game designer, actual play performer, lover of all things magical girl and mecha. I'm often seen online talking to people about TTRPGs and the space at large.I am also an admin for Apochromatic Unlimited an all PoC collective with the goal of raising the voices of other PoC in the TTRPG space.

Fun Facts

  • I'm a big 90's Anime Lover. Let's watch Yu Yu Hakuso and Sailor Moon together in a nostalgia fueled anime bender.

  • I will talk to you about my pets and talk to you about your pets. I have four dogs named Mercy, Kori, Siri, and Remy. I also have a cat named Riff-Raff.

  • I wants to run a TTRPG for you! Bonus points if it involves robots or magical girls.

  • Black and queer up in here.

Photo of Logan the GM

Writing Credits

I'm a game and narrative writer at heart. You can find below writing I have done in the past. I primarily write for DnD 5e content but I am strecthing my wings into other games and hope to add that to my portfolio.

• Daylight Publications Supers & Sorcery - Portal Portfolio, including the
The Tal'targg & the Blogrog
• Six of the subclasses in the up and coming Twin Drum’s Wagadu Chronicles.
• Apochromatic Unlimited Issue #0 Bringing the Ballroom to D&D.

Photo of Logan the GM

Actual Play Credits

I am an avid performer! If you need a G-Man willing to get the job done by any means necessary, an American Voguing vampire in the UK, or a doctor who might be qualified but not licensed, I'm your man.
Check out some of my performances below.

• Agent Eastman on Queen's Court Games - Delta Green - Convergence
• Augus on Krovis Krow - Kids on Brooms - Off The Vine
• Doc on Chaotic Wonderful - One Shot Tuesday! Orbital Blues
• Father Lions Ebony on Exquisite Corpse - A Certain Secret Pride: Oops! All Bisexuals! - VtM• Dante Katz on Queen's Court Games - Lighthearted - Weird Magic

Photo of Logan the GM


I'm always up to do an interview!
Here are some my past interviews.

• Interview with Heroes & Hooligans House Rules EP12: Logan The DM• Interview with Carpe the DM Between 2 DMs | A DnD Chat, ep #2• Interview with Merely NPCS Out of Initiative Episode 21 - The Magic of Custom Items with Logan the GM

Photo of Logan the GM


I am available for podcasting and have experience in both round table discussion and long form TTRPG content.

Round Table Discussion on VJ Talks S1E20. Mixed Race Identity and D&D

Victor "Wolfsbane" Brightburn on Bloom & Blight - Various Episodes

TTRPGs I have played and would glady come back to.

  • Dungeons and Dragons 4th and 5th Edition

  • Fate

  • Cyberpunk Red

  • Lancer

  • Girl By Moonlight

  • Vampire the Masquerade

  • Delta Green

  • Orbital Blues

  • Court of Blades

  • City of Mist

  • Starfinder